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Case Lock Pair

Case Lock Pair
Case Lock Pair
Product image 1Case Lock Pair
Product image 2Case Lock Pair

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Keep your case locked with these luggage locks!

This is a practical luggage lock which keeps small items safe and anti-theft.

TSA approved, can be unlocked and relocked by TSA agents without damaging the lock, for added security.

Suitable for travel bags, backpacks, traveling bags, sports bags, briefcases, computer bags, windows, lockers, sale of cabinets, drawers, etc.


This item is recognized by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration)

Travel smart combination lock

Fashion, lightweight and convenient design

Allows airport screeners to unlock inspect and relock bags, without damaging the lock

Lock without fear of having locks cut open

Combination can be reset as often as you choose

3-digit dialing allows for different combinations

Only available in Black

Size:6 x 3 x 2cm(Approx)

Material: Zinc Alloy

Color: Blue, Pink, Rose Red, Silver, Black

How to Set:

The original number is 0-0-0. Setting your own combination:

Pull up the shackle.

Rotate the shackle 90°counterclockwise, Hold it down and then continue to turn another 90° counterclockwise

Set your own combination by turning dials to the convex line

Turn the shackle back as normal. The procedure is now complete

Dial your numbers to the convex, pull the shackle to open

Insert the shackle and scramble the numbers to lock, repeat the above to reset

How to use:

Dial your numbers to the convex line, pull the shackle to open

Insert the shackle and scramble the numbers to lock, repeat the above to reset

Package including:

1 x TSA719 Travel Lock 

Tiger Pro Cases LLC offers a lifetime warranty on both the case itself as well as the custom foam inside of the case.

The cases are warranteed forever to the original owner only, and the company will supply replacement parts, repair the case, or replace your case for as long as you own it.

Cases that are modified in any way, or are used in a manner other then what is was intended are not covered by this warranty. 

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